What is Transformational Soul Work?

Earth Medicine Practitioner and Mystic Mentor

What is Transformational Soul Work?

Obstacles to Change

I serve women who are ready to transform their lives. Change has a way of bringing us face-to-face with unexpected obstacles.

Life circumstances we’ve previously accepted may become untenable. Despite their best intentions, those closest to us may be afraid to allow us to change. Unresolved habits may resurface. Does it ever feel like even a minor life change suddenly pits you against the inertia of the universe?

In nature, many vital and compelling transformations occur in isolation. The butterfly emerges from the cocoon, an isolated chamber shut off from the outer environment. Base minerals, compressed in the strata of the earth, become beautiful gemstones.

But vital change occurs in social and group settings, too. A community setting presents opportunities to share our experiences with other women, and find perspective and insight through theirs. Structured activities keep us on-task and accountable to our individual goals.

I believe both individual and group work are important. That’s why I offer one-on-one guidance (Mystic Mentorship) as well as group work (Soul Sisters Circle). They are complementary approaches to transformational soul work.

Transformational Soul Work

The essence of transformational soul work is conscious evolution and the prioritization of personal growth. By assuming responsibility for our trajectories in this lifetime, we empower ourselves to change.

Transformational soul work is incredibly personal. After unearthing our hidden potentials, blind spots, and unconscious habits into the light of awareness, we consciously choose to fortify or release them.

This process facilitates self-healing and individual education.

Self-healing and Individual Education

Self-healing addresses wounds and traumas, bringing a fragmented Self into cohesion. As fragmented aspects of Self come into conscious awareness, we learn to hear, understand, and act on intuition and instincts.

Individual education acknowledges that everyone learns, grows, develops, and changes at their own organic pace. It inevitably reveals new possibilities for self-realization.

You may be unable to address all of your issues at once. Devote yourself to a single issue for a set period of time. Keep careful track of your work to get the most out of the process.

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