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Shanta Gabriel

Energy Healer, Author, Angelic Channeler

Cathy Pagano

Jungian Therapist, Author, & Evolutionary Activist

Pixie Lighthorse

Teacher, Writer, Earth Medicine Practitioner

Leilah Nancy Ward

Intuitive Empath, Founder of Integral Soul

Adi Shakti

Serial Entrepreneur, Philosopher & Founder of SoulWork™

Cinnamon Rose

Priestess, Healer & Mentor

Pamela Eakins

Author, Sociologist & Visionary Cosmologist

Sista Shamon

Energy Healer, Shamon & Reiki Master Teacher

Catherine Beerda-Basso

Earth Medicine Practitioner, Space Holder,
Keeper of The Sacred, Spiritual Activist,
Writer/Author, Photographer & Founder of
Shaenalach Healing ​& Retreats
* Listen * Learn * Heal *

YeYe Luisah Teish

Teacher, Dancer, StoryTeller, High Priestess & Author

Heather Dakota

Book Witching, Self-Publishing, Business Alchemy & Practical Magick

SunJay (Sarah-Jane McLaren Owen)

Artist, Celebrated Teacher & Shamanic Healer

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Photo Credits:
Heart/Wolf by Lorc on
 Antlers/Red Scarf by Oscar Keys on
 Milky Way Galaxy by Luca Baggio on
 Pathway by Leonardi on
 Tarot Cards/Smudge Stick by Kayla Maurais on
 Wolf Pack by Thomas Bononetti on
 10.31.2017 Fire by Kelly M Beard
 1.21.2019 Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse by Gail Crowder
 Seeds/Harvest by Zuriela Benitez on

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