Earth Medicine Practitioner and Mystic Mentor

VIRGO ~ Energy of the Month

Virgo gives everyone a chance to “process, sort & sift” all that has come up in the last nine months. There is a line in the book, Little Soul & the Sun by Neale Donald Walsh, that says, “Now that I know WHO I AM, I want to BE it!” And I must suggest that in order for you to “BE” all that you discovered about your essential nature (in Leo) and what nourishes and supports you on the deepest levels (in Cancer), Virgo is the energy that extracts the BEST of YOU and helps you heal and/or release all that is no longer relevant or useful – within and around you.

Sept 5 – 11, 2021 ~ Forecast + Events

9/5 ~ Venus (your values) ~square~ Pluto (transformation):
This activation brings intensity and it challenges you to grow (out of comfort zone, into new territory) where your relationships & finances are concerned. It creates very intense emotional responses and experiences with others that tends to trigger insecurities or hidden fears in one or both of you. Stability is not part of the equation at the moment, so prepare for inevitable change.

Aug 29 – Sept 6, 2021 ~ Forecast + Events

8/30 ~ Mercury Enters LIBRA (until Nov 5th):
Mercury is at it again! It’s moved from processing in Virgo to restoring mental balance & equilibrium to your nervous system in Libra. The special thing about this go-round is that it will linger here, Retrograde on 9/26 and go Direct on 10/18 before completing its mission in that Area of Life (House) for you. This extended stay in Libra is going to affect your Aries/Cancer & Capricorn Departments by default. If you change your thinking or want to make some new choices, in the area of Relationships, Partnerships & Collaborations, then it is natural to expect things to shift for you as an individual, as well as at home & work.

Aug 22 – 28, 2021 ~ Forecast + Events

8/22 ~ Mars (courage & passion) ~trine~ Uranus (freedom & individuality):
This is a powerful combo, however, it has to be integrated and consciously expressed to yield the best results, otherwise you may miss an opportunity for a major personal breakthrough. Mars gives you the courage and Uranus awakens new possibilities within. This is an easy alignment of your actions and your individual brilliance. You may even discover some new gift or talent that has been dormant for a while, but is now beginning to come to life. This energy pushes you to try something new that liberates you in some way that you may have previously felt daunted by in the past.

Aug 15 – 21, 2021 ~ Forecast

8/16 ~ Venus Enters LIBRA (until Sept 10th):
Venus (values, priorities, resources, love, art, beauty, culture) in Libra (balance, reciprocity, relationships) is a time to restore balance within your Being and develop a new sense of self-worth & self-value. This is an opportunity to renegotiate terms of your primary relationships in order to determine what is no longer important to you, while preparing to go deeper. If you align your priorities within your own Being, as well as your primary relationships of *NOW* ~ then it will make the deep dive into the potent Scorpio energy more productive (and less debilitating).

Aug 8 – 14, 2021 ~ Forecast

8/8 ~ LEO New Moon:
As the Sun moves into Leo (7/22 – 8/22), it activates the Annual Check-In with your Heart & Authentic Self, are you being true to YOU? and expressing your own unique Light & Brilliance ~ from the inside out? Leo energy activates your Self-Love/Self-Worth issues. As you discover your unique strengths & gifts, it becomes your responsibility to share them with the Community to which you belong.

LEO Energy ~ It’s All About You

This month is all about YOU!! Leo energy always makes me think of the song, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine …” If you did the Cancer work of clearing emotional debris (ineffective reactions, old habits, past events or people) from your life and anchored your inner sense of belonging, then you should be quite ready for Leo’s heart-centered radiance to shine through you. If you tend to be shy or hide your own light under a bushel, then it may signify a time for you to get out anyway to share, socialize and be seen!

LEO ~ Energy of the Month

This month is ALL ABOUT YOU … the NEW you!! Release all that is no longer “truth” for you – on every level. Begin the process of integrating these amazing new aspects you’ve recently discovered about your Self and HONOR who you have worked so hard to become!!

Aug 1 – 7, 2021 ~ Forecast + Events

8/1 ~ Mercury (communication & self-expression) ~conjunct~ Sun (core essential Self & Source energy):  
This energy will compel you to express yourself on many levels. Communication will be a focus, just make sure it is reciprocated. What I mean is two-way communication and exchange of ideas. As you initiate this new cycle of self-expression, you will have access to some powerful energy that can (and probably will) help you make a difference or an impression on others (if you need to). This is a good time to travel if possible too. However, if not physically, then mentally (through visualization) or within your own area (locally), because if you explore a new direction, you are more likely to discover something new. This energy opens you up to a download of more information than usual so pay attention! If you are solid and organized, you may even gain some much-deserved recognition from others that you have earned through your individual efforts.

July 25 – 31, 2021 ~ Forecast + Bonus

7/25 ~ Mercury (communication & self-expression) ~oppose~ Pluto (purification & transformation):
This opposition is between your ideas, thoughts & concepts and your unconscious drives, supporting some deep-digging into the power of your mind and thoughts. How has your thinking shaped your choices over the last 6-months? Are you still operating from an old paradigm of thought? Any opposition is a chance for true integration and we will always have to work at balancing our conscious and unconscious thinking as it affects our day-to-day choices. This could be a good time to consult with a trusted advisor or wise friend to clarify what is coming into your conscious awareness about your own self-sabotaging ideas or habits. This activation supports pulling it out by the root. Often, we address the symptoms rather than the true cause of our discomfort. Pluto won’t allow that. It’s time to go deeper and recognize your own power, the power of your heart and mind, and find that middle ground that allows you peace within and effectiveness without.